About Our Owner

In the sporting goods industry, you'd be hard-pressed to find a person who doesn't know and respect Gracie Rainer. She is known to be the industry's consummate professional.

In fact, she's held in such high regard, that even her competition acknowledges that her reputation is beyond reproach. Other than a minor scuffle over ownership of a bone, with a difficult customer, many years ago, Gracie has received nothing but accolades, awards, and hundreds of 5-star ratings from her customers.

Gracie Rainer, Founder of USA Outdoor Sports

In today's dog-eat-dog business world, Gracie Rainer has carved out her own special niche. Gracie likes to do things the old-fashioned way.

For example, she greets customers at the door, as they arrive at her store, and she usually raise a paw to shake their hands.

She's even been known to spend a few hours a week, covering her online store's online chat with customers. Not too many people with Gracie's level of success, chat with customers.

It is readily apparent that Gracie views each new USA Outdoor Sports customer, as if they were her only customer. That's probably why do many USA Outdoor Sports customers report they feel so warm and welcomed visit our store. 

Gracie is old school, she has been in business for many years, and there's one attribute that she embraces over all others, her reputation for honesty and transparency.

You won't find anyone in our industry that doesn't agree that Gracie is a pillar in the sporting goods, retail business world.

In fact, Gracie has served as a board member and also president of the International Federation of Sporting Goods. In addition to IFSG, Gracie has served on countless nonprofit boards of directors.

Even though she is the owner and operator of a successful business, she still amazes her staff with her work ethic. She's often seen working late into the night, stocking shelves with the evening shift or setting up new store projects. 

Last month, she started a secret project at our home office. She's investing countless hours, working late into the night, digging holes..

She had not yet disclosed what she is building, but based on her prior business projects, we assume that it is going to be something big.


Gracie started her store with nothing but some kibble and a will to succeed. She picked outdoor sports because of her well-known stance about the importance of exercise.

In a recent interview, the interviewer asked Gracie why some people don't enjoy outdoor sports:

“Given the right opportunity, everyone can find a healthy, outdoor activity to enjoy. If they can't, they should speak with me, and I guarantee that we'll find the right outdoor sport for them.”

“Our staff always has fun learning from and playing with Gracie Rainer,” according to President Donald Trump's Committee for Athletic Fitness, which in 2019 awarded Gracie with a lifetime achievement award

Gracie's Pledge & Motto

Gracie Rainer's pledge has been the same since the day she opened her store for business. In fact, we etched it in her statue, which stands in the front yard of Gracie's first store:

If you are looking for honest pricing for high quality sporting goods. I promise to never let you down.

Underneath that pledge is Gracie's motto.

Bow to your customers before you speak to them, and do a tight circle before you extend your paw, then you can sit. Because, no matter how ruff your day has been, show your customer the respect they deserve. If you do, your customer will respond to your 'Bow', with a WOW.”

Now, when you call our store, chances are you will speak to one of Gracie's kids, grandkids, or other kin.

You will probably be able to tell, because Gracie has trained all of them to: “Treat people with kindness, because that's the best way to build a business.

Follow this simple rule, if a customer looks sad, lick their face, remembering to slobber as much as possible. People can tell a fake lick from a real one

But please, please, remember one important fact, something that many dogs in business learn the hard way.

If you become overly enamored with a customer, and you notice that the customer is shaking his leg vigorously, trying to remove you from his leg, chances are that you have taken things a little too far.

Please check out Gracie's blog. She hopes to share more about her folksy style of store operation. And, to surprise visitors to her website with great prizes and rewards.