USA Outdoor Sports | the Store for Outdoor Enthusiasts | E-Bike State Laws

USA Outdoor Sports is a super high quality, affordable e-bikes, that are safe to use and powerful. We have been very careful to comply with each State's definition of E-Bike for permissible use on public roads.

Unlike many other companies, we take the time to change our bikes, depending on the State where the customer lives, and their intended use.

For example, if you're not planning to use your e-bike on a public road, let us know, so we can make modifications to the bike's top speed and upgrade the parts of your new bike, which may be required, such as upgraded suspension, different wheels and tires, etc.

The bottom line is that our customer service, and we train our technicians to accommodate just about any needed modifications to our e-bikes, and soon our selection of many other types of electric transportation.

Please check your State's requirements by clicking on your State, and downloading a free PDF describing, in detail, your State's definition.